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Movie Review: Jumanji The Next Level

Turn on your console again everyone its time for the second level of Jumanji. This level starts all again because Spencer feels a little down in the dumps because his girlfriend and he have hit the friends we are on a break chapter like Ross and Rachel in Friends. Due to this Spencer feels the need to transform back into Bravestone.

Spencer, Martha, Bethany and Fridge are all supposed to meet up like a reunion kinda thing and when Spencer does a no show they go looking for him.

They go to his Grandfathers place. The Grandfather is played by Danny Divitto. Before they get there Eddie Divitto’s old business partner comes to visit to re-connect again.

Milo. Milo is played by Danny Glover they try to mend fences and by this time the kids get there looking for Spencer and in a nutshell, no one has seen him. Then while they are wondering where he is they here the infamous Jumanji Drums!!!

All their faces drop as they know whats going on and with some hesitation, they decide to go back into the game and save Spencer. However, once they are back in things are a little different?? Now that’s enough of me spoiling the movie get out there and watch the movie 🙂

So this movie basically for me it was something different and I would not say it’s better than the first part it was kinda weak in parts and the changes they made in this second part made me and my wife and look at each other with no real comment just like What The!!

As we all know they are trying to rebuild the Jumanji Brand and you know what the Wife and I both agree that this should be the last part of the series, but watch the movie and you will see it’s going to take you down a rabbit hole.

This movie is light kinda Goofy and a little far fetched with some of the themes like here is another theme issue you are in a video game and I guess that it gives you creative license to go from a medieval kinda theme that it was with kings queens swords etc to having flying air balloons I did a search and it was in the late 1700s this movie I felt was based before then I may be wrong. Video game creative license.

These versions of Jumanji are lighter than the Robin Williams version although we watched this while the little one was sleeping so I would say 7-8 + in ages to watch the movie.

For me, if your a Fan of Jumanji the original watch and keep this as part of your collection but I do not feel that it has any re-watch value maybe with friends and family that have not watched it before?

4.5/10 Jumanji The Next Level should really be The Final level lets see how much they want to milk this and run it through the ground!!

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