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Standup: Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

Finally finished Jerry’s new standup special on Netflix. What can I say about this special it starts off great his entrance is something out of a mission impossible movie. Jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean.

It starts off with a BIG Splash and it goes off swimmingly with the first half of the special really being smooth and transitioning from bit to bit with no issues just Jerry being funny as he is. The material is good and relevant.

Jerry covers everything from being Married to being Single. Husbands listening and remembering aspects of their relationships compared to wives remembering aspects of the relationship from years ago.

Jerry makes fun of his voice and how annoying the tone of his voice is for his wife and how he has nothing better to do than spend time with the audience. He delivers it better than I am explaining it.

My only issue with this special is that I wish when he stopped and said that we are changing paces now it still continued the momentum because the subject matter changing did not really concern me but the pace in which it was being delivered it felt like if I was watching two specials the first half was like a really solid material and the second half was like I am Jerry Seinfeld and let me try new bits of material and let us see how that goes down.

Let me tell you that the second half is the reason why I had to sit and watch it twice as the first time I was falling asleep and I thought it was due to me being tired and watching it late at night.

Let me tell you it was not that cause I was fully alert when I watched it this afternoon and when we changed pace for the second time I again was going in and out of consciousness. Which means to me I could not really enjoy this second half of the special and my wife got up and left and started to do house duties as it was not interesting anymore.

So in a nutshell overall I would give this a 6.5 out of 10 but the first half is a solid 9 out of ten if I was reviewing this is parts.

Jerry could have done this like Dave Chappel in two special parts?

If you are a Jerry Fan you have to watch this if you are a standup fan watch it but have something that can help you power through the last 30mins or so for the end.

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