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Movie Review: Angel Has Fallen

A late-night movie session with the wifey. The little one finally went to bed at a reasonable time and we got time this time to watch a movie with no interceptions.

We sat down and watched one of my wife’s boyfriends movies. Gerald Butler.

The next chapter in the Fallen series and no it’s not the teen movie drama.

This time we see Mike again saving and defending President Morgan Freeman.

It was a strange start for the movie as we start in the middle of an action sequence and seeing how this is a fourth instalment in the series the story thinks that if you are already up to this part then you are familiar with all the characters and elements etc. So it does not spend the time introducing characters you are thrown into the story headfirst.

We go from a training session to a boat transfer that goes very wrong for the President and Mike and the whole world gets thrown upside down. This is when the rollercoaster ride starts and this time the world comes after Mike as it is blamed on him what happens to The President.

The Cat and Mouse race starts from here and we try to figure out why did Mike get entrapped in being framed for the downfall of the President.

All the action scenes occur from here from truck chases and I mean semi-trailer truck chases not your normal car chase.

We see that the bad guys have no strooples that they go after Mikes family and all the bad elements get shown. At the same time, we see a re-connection of Mike with a family member and it’s a small breath and we continue on with the madness.

All though this is like the fourth chapter of what I remember its still a strong story I am not sure if it’s going to the movies level but straight to DVD or VOD (Video on Demand)

Not suitable for the kiddies but a decent movie to have in your collection

6.5 to 7/10

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