Movie Review: Shazam

Our latest movie that the wifey and I watched was one of DC’s latest movies and it has links to Batman well that is what the movie likes to

Our latest movie that the wifey and I watched was one of DC’s latest movies and it has links to Batman well that is what the movie likes to link itself to and for me, it was good and different. Shazam is about a kid that gets the powers of a superhero not but choice but because the old gatekeeper has to pass the powers on.

For me, let’s get straight into it the issue with the movie is not the kids I feel the young actors show more emotion and do a better job portraying their characters than when Shazam turns into the older version which kinda reminded me of Tom Hanks in BIG.

The older Shazam was kinda one dimensional and it looked like he may need more parts in the story for his character’s development.

The other thing my wife said later in the movie without giving too much away it reminded her of the new Power Rangers movie.

The other element I found strange was the fact that the guy from Blood Diamond Djimon Hounsou played the old Shazam guy that transferred his powers to the new Shazam guy.

Now the old adult actor that played his role was the Bad guy Mark Strong he always plays a good bad guy. Mark Strong Carried the movie for the adults him and the kids played really well. He had the same level on intensity with the kids and Zachary Levi was always playing catch up.

The other part of this movie that was ok was the whole storyline why did the old Shazam guy pass his powers on and this was because he was the guardian to the deadly sins that he had to make sure they don’t get released and affect the world. Well, guess what happens. Well if this did not happen we would not have a story.

The only other element that I felt that was really well done just this part would be a 10/10 but not the whole movie after this part it really could not build on this part.

At the beginning of the movie, we see childlike very young Shazam under 10 not sure maybe 5. He and his mum go to a fair and play games and his mum tries to win a tiger for her son and instead wins a compass.

Little Shazam takes the compass and then while walking through the crowd he drops it and goes chasing the compass until he gets it back at this time he loses his mum and then goes to a cop to try and find his mum again and this part of the movie builds the emotion of the movie.

Billy/Shazam goes through life after this major part in his life going from foster home to foster home and running away from these homes to find his biological mum to become a family again.

Without giving too much away but what happens in this part of the movie in Billy/Shazams journey to reconnect with his mum is the most powerful scene in the movie better than any superhero power.

You have to watch the movie just for that.

Now saying that this movie is all about family and the definition of family.

Something all can watch but younger kids watch with parental units.

6.5/10 like I said the scene above is a 10/10 but the rest of the movie after this is playing catch up.

I hope the second part builds on this and grows better.

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