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TV Show Review: Gotham Season 3

I finally got around to start again and watch Gotham season 3 as I had stopped I think there before I had said goodbye to Netflix and now thanks to my family I have it back. I had to get a new account so all my historical viewing is gone so I had to start again and remember where I left off and I remembered bits and pieces of season 3 so I decided to start to watch Gotham from season 3 and reconnect the dots and remember what happened.

I have to say season 3 was really good as the characters development was taking more shape and they had great depth and some were fully formed even though it was at a beginning stage it still was really well done.

Season 3 we actually see reasons for why and what was the reason for Bruce’s parents’ death and we see the development of how Selina starts to get her cat senses and even poison ivy is blooming in the spring.

But the best character development is of Ed Nygma The Riddler. I think the actor behind his character really played the role really well and you actually like the back and forth from The Riddler and Penguin.

This season we see that a secret group is trying to bring on the downfall of Gotham and Bruce may the reason for this to happen and Ohh Bruce has a clone and it’s kinda strange having the same actor plays his own character slightly differently. Kinda like The Vampire Diary were Eliana plays 3 different versions of herself.

The good thing about season 3 the Gotham DC universe is building and I know this is not part of the CW world but it would have been awesome to see crossovers with Arrow Batwoman etc.

The story arc of Penguin and The Riddlers love story is well played out and gives their hatred/love for each other great meaning and depth.

You start seeing the divide between good and evil in this season and even between evil and evil as mentioned above.

You see friendships get strained and go through tests. We also see bonds go stronger with Bruce and Alfred.

The other element that is interesting is the fact that we see the love story between Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins take a supernatural turn. This show treads a fine line between Science Fiction and reality and the fact that you have art imitating real life as I went to IMDB and saw a connection in real life between James Gordon and Lee Thompkins puts a new spin on things. Go have a look for yourselves and see what you make of it.

Jada Pinkett Smith has a reoccurring role on the show is interesting as well and I find the love her character has for Penguin is interesting because don’t penguins eat fish in reality and well this kinda occurs when he devours her in one season and she comes back in another season you just have to find out how and why.

If you’re a fan of DC comics this series is well written and they from what I have watched so far have not cut corners to tell the creation story of Gotham and all its awesome characters.

It’s not suitable for young kids it has a lot of violence and supernatural violence for that matter. I would say 15/16 and above even that young with parental units intact. Some of the subjects and themes covered in the first three seasons can be heavy.

For me, it’s a solid 8/10 for the first three seasons

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