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Movie Review: Cats

A while ago now the family and I sat and watched this movie called Cats and no its not the Andrew Lloyd Webber version its a cartoon about cats.

This was a movie about a young cats story find out who he was and where he came from.

Its an animated love story between cats and their owner and protecting your young ones. against the scary wide world.

This is a calibration between the Chinese Film industry and Hollywood.

We go on a cats adventure to meet new cats and find out what happened to his mother and the father cat is over protecting the young son against the truth and really did not want the young son to grow.

We are also dealing with racoons that are evil in this cartoon that work for a sculpture that is an artist that has gone bad and kill animals for art but dot worry the cartoon does not harm any of the animated animals 🙂

We had to watch something family-friendly and my daughter sat and watched it to a degree did not get through all of it but most of it though.

To me, the story was good up until the mixed message it sends near the end of the movie without spoiling anything.

A one time watch for me that is nothing I would keep on my collection. This can be found on Aussie Netflix.

Suitable for all but nothing I would write home about minus this review 🙂


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