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TV Show Review: Gotham Sean 4 & 5

Well, it has been more than a hot minute since my last review and parenthood has taken over which is what should always be the case. I have watched a lot since the last movie and to be frank, I would need to revisit a lot and watch them all over again to review what was watched since The Cats cartoon.

In season 4 the characters are built I would say up to 90% by the end of season 4 and they are close to knowing there true calling. Some secondary and other sub-characters had their characters be complete not saying they end up dead but they know who they are as I advised above.

Season 4 Bruce and Gordon and some unlikely other characters team up to save Gotham and reconnect it with the mainland.

What I really enjoyed about this show overall is that they went deep into the characters back story so you know how all the dots get connected.

As for now, there are no reports that this will be picked up again and the story be continued from there so it ends and it begins.

Season 5 although it was coming to a conclusion it was also setting up for the continuation of what we know in the movies.

This series is nothing for kids to watch the horror and violence is pushing the envelope to the limit and there was no real-time I could watch this with my little one around.

I would say add this to your watch list on Netflix and give it a go its worth it it is slow but it’s slow in a good way.

The only thing I did not enjoy was the fact that poison ivy changed actors a few times and it made it hard to really want to keep up with that character’s storyline not saying it’s not possible it just made the whole storyline kinda hit breaks and watch this side story and then come back to the main story.

The other thing that they could do with this is done by sub-stories for all the characters are now whole. Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler just to name a few.

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