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TV Show Review: WestCoast Custom’s Season 1

Well I am getting back in the groove to watch shows and all the reviews will be coming soon but one at a time. I started with this Westcoast Customs season 1. I am currently on holidays and thought I do not want to watch anything I really need to think about so this reality TV show was the choice I made and no family members joined in on the fun.

Now the name may be familiar to you if you go back to 2005 and remember a show with Xibit called Pimp My Ride Westcoast Customs were the car shop behind that show back then. Well, they removed the raper and went to the brand itself and I have to say they have moved up in the world of customization of Cars.

The show I feel is better produced and there is a new team at WestCoast Customs.

The first season which is what I am reviewing is back in 2011.

This first season we are dealing with Big Name clientele such as HP, Dell/Alienware, Discovery.

Now the show is I feel better as they are not just customizing cars they are customizing different things there are episodes with RV’s and SUV.

Now the coolest thing they customized was in episode 9. The Discovery channel called Ryan the owner of Westcoast customs and asked him to customize a hot dog Cart so by the end of the episode you see this pimped-up Hot Dog Cart/Stand.

Now the story behind why the CEO of The Discovery Channel called Ryan and asked for this is because Discovery a few years before 2011 they had a terrorist attack by this one person and the Hot Dog Stand Guy saw what was occurring in the office and there was staff returning from lunch and he stopped the employees to come back inside the building saving the employees lives and no lives were lost during this scary time for The Discovery Channel.

The whole show was great to watch and interesting to learn and watch the process of how things get modded.

Now for me, the other episode that stood out was the first episode where they created an armoured truck for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand their Virgin Gaming brand

Virgin asked Ryan and West Coast Customs to build a Pimpped out Armoured truck that would have Sir Richard Branson in it and Virgin branded girls, not necessarily virgin girls 😛 lol

This transformation was great what they fitted in the truck with limited space but it still was amazing.

The other car that was cool was a request Ryan got from Disney to turn a car into a Tron Car for the premier for Tron movie although the downside to this episode was the car was not ready for the movie premiere but they got it ready for CES. This car looked awesome.

The show had issues with meeting deadlines for customers either just making it or missing it or getting to the goal but not 100% done also had issues with some of the guys working on the cars but all in all they all worked out as a team.

The first series in 10 eps long and honestly fun for all and I would give it a solid 6.6 to a 7/10

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