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TV Show: Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

The last few days I decided to dive deeper into the stronger Limited series Netflix has to offer. Netflix has this limited series on Jeffrey Epstein and its only a four-episode show and dives deep into this elusive person that no one really knew much about who he was and how he became rich and famous.

Warning From Netflix

The Following series contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse involving minors which may be disturbing for some viewers

The four episodes limited series is 1 hour each.

This show is very dark and the subject matter is not for everyone even for me after watching the first episode I had to take 48hrs off to rack my brain on how disturbing and evil this person is.

The one thing I am still confused about is how did he make his money? It kinda reminded me of Wolf of Wall Street but this guy I felt was worse than a wolf he was the vampire and would take anyone out that would get in his way.

Jeffrey was so narcissistic and was a massive child abuse ring leader he was well more than just the ring leader he was the God Father of Child abuse.

The fact that he had so much money and power over so many people in the positions of power that he did this strategically so that he could not be touched.

Epstein also had friends in high places mostly politicians Clinton and Trump to name a couple and the whole story of The Prince as well pretending not to know the girl that is a joke.

The people in power was not something that really surprised me the fact that what he did to these young kids is bigger than anything and the fact that there are so many women affected by him and he claims that they are all crazy is unbelievable if you have several girls coming out of the woodwork then there is a smoking gun somewhere.

I recommend this if you’re a fan of true crime documentaries but as I advised earlier you have to be ready for a dark subject matter.

I want to touch on two aspects in these series and they may not be anything but for me, it’s kinda strange.

One was Clinton separating himself from Epstein but there are clear photos of him and Epstein together also the same for Trump although I have to say Trump has stated he did not like the guy but I wonder how dirty these two Clinton and Trump have got in the past seeing how Clinton has stated in the past “he did not have sexual relations with that woman” Besides the above what other things has he done?

The second thing was an associate that voluntarily came forward to go against Epstein he initially came across as innocent in my eyes but he stated something that to me raised alarm bells that how did this guy know the exact number of how many sexual encounters he was part of when he claims he never did it. Go Figure? lol

Epstein’s end was a shame as he took the easy way out but did he that is the question?

The girls that helped him get other girls I am not saying what they did was not wrong but they were saving themselves from actually having to be part of the physical/sexual abusive act.

If you are up for it give this ago it’s recommended watching. 8.5/10

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