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TV Show Review: WestCoast Custom’s Season 2

Tonight I finished the West Coast Customs Season 2 show and this season was kinda strange in some ways they have upped their game a lot of this season they were doing more famous people and bigger companies Microsoft and Lucas Films to name a couple.

Ohh before I forget there was an episode also with Justin Beiber customizing a car and the episode was called Beibers Bling. Also, a car was done for Will.I.Am from the black-eyed peas

Before I go into what episodes I liked and the cars etc. I have to say yes they moved up a notch in this seasons clients they covered, however, I did notice there to me was an issue in the production of the episodes.

They had a section in each episode where they would do a breakdown of what the car is going from to what it’s going to be at the end and this was obvious to be a cut and paste job in the video production because the sound was not equal it actually became lower and after they do the breakdown it would cut and go back to the normal continuation of the show and the sound would equal out.

Now to the episodes that I enjoyed there was really only a couple of episodes I enjoyed one was when the family got involved and the other was when West Coast Customs did a car build for Lucas Film.

For me what was amazing about the first one was Ryan Snr got his family involved where the wife got to design a car for a client and the client got Ryans wife to keep the car.

The second person that got a Westcoast pimp my ride treatment was Dylan Ryan’s younger son where they customized a dirt Cart of some sort. Both turned out amazing.

The Cart had blue flames and Skulls and the Wifey car had a lot of bling Photos above.

Now the car that I really enjoyed them making was the last episode of season 2 episodes 16 Vaders Ride. This episode they made a car for Star Wars and as they said in the show bad guys get all the cool-looking stuff.

This car I feel had it all and was really nicely made. I liked the show, in general, it’s great to have something that you can watch and wind down after a stressful day.

Watch it when you get a chance.


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