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Movie Review: REBECCA

Yesterday we had some time while the little one was sleeping and mum made the suggestion to watch Rebecca on Netflix.

Rebecca is a murder mystery that you actually do not see that much violence though it is suspenseful and does have dark adult themes that may not be for all but as I said it’s a thinking person murder mystery.

I will try to tell you about this storyline without any spoilers but sorry if any of the next parts spoil the movie.

So we have Lilly James that is a ladies companion and she helps this elderly lady that needs a friend and Lilly James character likes spending time in the higher circles.

One day they both go out for lunch and Lilly’s character sees a tall drink of water a man that she is attracted to.

Eventually, the Man Mr de Winter befriends Lilly James character and becomes her “tennis coach” if you know what I mean?

The story then begins and we are brought into Mr de Winters world and the two get married and she becomes the new Mrs de Winter.

The new Mrs de Winter goes to live in Mr De Winters place which is a castle good enough to be levels of royalty.

This is when the movie from the light bright romantic love story it is becomes darker with every turn into the world of Mr de Winter.

Now that’s enough I think without going too deep and spoiling it.

The film is excellently shot has great location shots although its a period piece you feel like you are watching a modern old movie.

The other thing I want to add before I end this review I feel that Kirstin Scott Thomas plays the creepiest housekeeper in this movie as you know something is just off but until you are deep in you really do not know what this housekeeper is off centre.

This is not for the kiddies its an adult movie although it does not have anything scary to see the subject matter is no kiddies allowed.

It is number one on the Netflix list in Australia.

7.5 to 8/10

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