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Movie Review: Demolition (2015)

Its time for me to get back into watching random movies and see what is out there that is good or different you would say a hidden gem.

Let me start by saying this movie was not what I was expecting. The name and poster cover of the movie I thought this was going to be a movie about Demolitions like bombing or destroying buildings and I thought it was a War-related movie.

I was way wrong!!!.

This is your dramatic anti-romantic movie about a man that goes through a dramatic trauma in his life and the demolition is his life and his surroundings.

The movies crescendo happens 15mins into the movie and then after that its flat line until a mishap with a vending machine.

We travel from there to the demolition of all elements of this young man’s life.

The movie has Jake Gyllenhaal Naiomi Watts and Chris Cooper these three make the movie go around and we have some good emotional acting that we get to see due to the loss that Jake’s character has in the movie and it all revolves around him and his loss and how it affects his work and other people in his life.

Besides all this, Naomi Watts character has a son that is a child going through his teens and is very anti-establishment does not listen or does not like school and throughout the movie Jakes character and Naomi’s character connect and Jake meets the son and then what I found good but kinda darkly funny was there is a scene in a supermarket where Jake is talking to Naomi’s son and the son is trying to figure out if he was gay or not. I am not going to mention the dialogue as its very adult but what I found funny or you could say it brought a smile to me face was the fact that the sone was asking the same guy that played a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. That was a good movie though.

Ok so that is the whole movie, in a nutshell, I say this is only suitable for adults on;y and no kiddies allowed.

4/10 A one time watch for me.

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