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Movie Review: She’s The Man (2006)

Last night the wife choose a movie we watched together and oldie but a goodie and just, in general, an easy-going feel-good movie. She is the man is a modern take of a Shakspearean play Twelfth Night.

This modern take is about a young girl that goes to a school in the new year after a summer break with her boyfriend and wants to try out for the girl’s soccer team that ends up being cut and the girl’s team well there is no girls team anymore.

Viola Amand Bynes character does not take this lightly and tried to find help from her then-boyfriend from the summer break but both the boyfriend and the coach basically make these sexist comments about women not being good enough etc.

As her boyfriend does not defend her and take her side she takes things into her hand.

It actually works well as she wants to make the soccer (football) team and her brother wants to leave the States to go and play with his band in the UK.

On top of this, both brother and sister are playing both parents at the same time as the brother has told the mum he is staying with his dad and the dad knows that he is staying with his mum.

Basically, this is the premise of the story and the movie storyline.

To make a soccer team Viola impersonates her brother at the rival school and tries out for the soccer (football) team.

This then starts the rollercoaster ride and crazy adventure for Viola and Sebastian also we have Channing Tatum plays soccer (football) teammate for Viola and they are roommates and ohh I have to say there is a tampon scene in the movie which is funny but strange at the same time.

Without causing spoilers I do recommend watching this movie for youngish teens maybe with parental guidance as some themes can be adult there is no real sex or nudity but there are sexual references that can cause questions or reactions.

This was the first time my wife watched this movie and it was like my enter number here well its more than once.

As I said its a feel-good fun movie that you would watch as a couple or as a family with popcorn etc and its not too long just your average 90mins movies.

The one thing that Netflix needs to add to the movies is the bloopers as this is one thing that they are missing from the DVD.

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