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Movie Review: One Royal Holiday (2020)

A few days ago the family decided to sit down and we started to get into the Christmas spirit and start the Christmas cheer sooner this year. I guess this started as my mum decided to put up the Christmas lights already.

This is also the season that all Hallmark Christmas movies have started to be released. One Royal Holiday is the first movie that we watched and after this, I ended up getting the other movies from Hallmark as well all because of Christmas cheer 🙂

One Royal Holiday is a movie about A Royal Prince and his Queen mother come to the states to pay tribute to a hospital that looked after the King of their European country that you have never heard of.

After completing their Royal duties to help the Hospital they wanted to travel back to their home country and the Prince had an important Christmas message to make and address to the whole country.

While they are heading back the Royals want some special tea or something like that and their driver being such a local takes them to a franchise cafe place. Where the Prince gets out and goes and gets the beverages and this is where the story well Hallmark love story starts.

While at the Cafe getting the tea the Royals are advised that there is a snowstorm and that the airport is locked down they could not go back and they got to lay low as their security team took an earlier flight which is kinda strange why would they not be on the same flight to keep the Royals protected.

Anyways the Young woman that is also at the same cafe shop overhears the Royals dilemma, however, does not realize they are royals then offers the Royals to take them to an Inn that her dad runs as the lady is going back home for the Christmas Holidays.

Without spoiling anything else the story goes from the young lady building a relationship with the Prince and the Queen and an innocent love story and being a Hallmark movie it really does not have any tension that the characters have to resolve and then we have a happy ending.

I was sitting there a tad annoyed as I felt the story was a tad slow and what I can say is the movie kept the whole family including my nearly two years old engaged.

If you want a movie that you can sit with the whole family and have a family fun time and with some popcorn or a cup of hot cocoa.

I would give it a 4/10 small fun for all

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