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Movie Review: Cinderella (2015)

For the last week or so I was nagged for a while to see I could get the latest version of Cinderella. I found it and you can also find it on these services:

You actually can find this on YouTube Movies

Yes, this is the same story but its a modern retelling of the Cinderella Classic that we first came to know about from 13 October 1950.

Now I have to say yes this is a chick flick however it’s a very modern version and everyone can enjoy this 2015 retelling and what I liked was the special effects the new twists to the story and how there was a lot of magic in the movie.

What you will like about this version like me hopefully is the fact that the special effects are really good and this elevates the movie to give it that magical feeling that you are going to feel immersed in Cinderella’s world/universe.

What or another aspect that was special for me was the fact that they had the magical direction of Kenneth Branagh. The one thing that you will hopefully realize is well for me it was the link to the magical world of Harry Potter and its kinda strange that Helen Bohman Carter was the Good Fairy Godmother and in Harry Potter, she was a bad witch and Kenneth was a bad professor at the school and here he was directing this Disney classic and I felt that all elements were knocked out of the park.

There are features kinda like special features that you can find on a Blu-Ray or DVD copy.

You can see that the set design and the costume design was amazing. This is a great segway to go into the costume design of Cate Blanchett evil stepmother of Cinderella was wearing during the movie and Cates reveal was amazing as much as you hated her character the dress code was amazing. Costume design for all was amazing the sad thing was the mother and father of Cinderella really were short parts and after many years it dawned on me Cinderella ended up an orphan who married a Prince.

Virtues were big as well with this version of the movie as early on we were told from Cinderella’s mum Cinderella had to have the courage and be kind, which Cinderella was till the end. Not spoiling the end for this element is different.

The cast was I feel small but because of the magic and the togetherness of the cast kept the movie at a high level.

Well done to the whole team it was a well done fresh retelling of an all-time classic.

The other element I loved was the magic of the transformation of Cinderella going to the ball. Just for this scene, the movie is worth watching.

A movie you should keep in your movie collection.


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