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TV Show Review: The Fresh Prince of Belair Reunion

Seen this floating around the interwebs and in Australia, you can find this on Stan. After nearly 30 years we are going back to Belair via Phillidelphia.

This was a fun touching and just brings back the feels of the good old days I remember coming home after school waiting for this show to come on and it was just a good 30mins to unwind and chillin’ maxing relaxing goofing off etc whatever the rest of the lyrics were.

The old school intro and the old and the new cast. Slowly at the beginning of the reunion comes in and slowly and surely the rest of the cast make their appearance. How Alfonso appears is a classic you have to watch this just for that part and others as well.

The cast sat in the original living room just smiling and teary-eyed and you could see they were reminiscing about the time they were together on the show.

The cast then goes through certain episodes and parts in the show that meant a lot for them and there were so many elements of the show that hit home for a lot of the audience and others that are still relevant today in 2020.

It’s kinda sad to see that from the 90s we are still facing the same old issues that we have not resolved even today and I am a child of the ’80s.

For me the most memorable episode where Will meets his dad after a long time and it was like they met for the first time seeing how he let Will when he was a young child and they both meet up both as adults.

This same episode Will Smith and James Avery I feel put in 2 of the strongest emotional performances I have seen and I do not think I have seen that level of performance since.

Still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Oscar-worthy.

What I also enjoyed was after 30years Will finally addressed the elephant in the room and took some responsibility that he had in part to stopping the growth of Janet Hubert the Original Gangster Aunt Viv.

I just loved how this was healing at least to a degree a step in the right direction to come together and have unity.

I wish Janet the best and I would really like her to make a comeback as she still has the talent and just with the small run she had on the show had some strong messages she put across.

The Dance scene was great and it proves that never give up you will always make it if you keep trying.

What was your favourite scene or an episode of the show and what special guest stars do you remember seeing on the show even the current US President was on the show?

I have also had to mention and add the video above the Carlton dance with Tom Jones that was another amazing scene.

There are 2 other memorable aspects to the show I remember one is with Carlton and the second is with Ashley and thinking of it I may have two memories with Ashley.

First, let me take you back to Carlton dancing and stripping and do not get me wrong I am a straight guy and I have to give credit where credit is due to the scene he strips to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and his mum is in the audience that is a classic memory

Right, so a few more things to bring up in this review to the reunion lets start with the memories of Ashley Banks. The first scene I remember was when she played the drums with Will that was a classic as well and the second memory I had with Ashley was the Rap Grace she did at the dinner table check them out below.

This Rap turned into a hit single called “Make up your mind” which was a show hit back in the day however I feel the outfit could have been better.

Now let’s go to something lighter a small part but a funny scene that was on a repeat of the show with DJ Jazzy Jeff and his love for Hillary and Hillary’s outfits.

Each time Jazzy Jeff tried to make a move on Hillary he was thrown out of the house and this was a funny scene of the show and in the reunion he states the got to him to do like 20 to 30 takes once so he did not have to keep doing it.

I think DJ Jazzy Jeff would have made a great couple on the show with Hillary and not Trevor.

Now to the main player James Avery the man that was the backbone of the show and kept it strong and everyone together and it was amazing to see such a man with his talent that crossed over to many other projects who knew he played Shredder in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

The world has truly lost a pioneer and diverse talent to the world in all elements he did and messages he gave out.

Rest in Peace James Avery.

Now I will give two ratings here I feel there is still more healing to be done for the actors on the show and this will be done over time and well I wish all the best for Janet Hubert.

The Reunion I will give a solid 7 and the TV series as a whole I would give it a 7.5 as the change of Ant Viv really was a detriment to the show not taking anything away from the New Aunt Viv she was only doing her job and had nothing to do with the issues that Will and the OG Aunt Viv had.

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