TV Show Review: Suits Final Season 9

Well wow, its time to review the final season of Suits. Season 9 is off to the races from the gate as we know with the story at the start an

Well wow, its time to review the final season of Suits. Season 9 is off to the races from the gate as we know with the story at the start and for the majority of the series, the show tried to keep Mike out of trouble this final season is all about Harvey.

This season we see all the negative elements come out of the woodworks to take down Harvey and the Spectrum Litt firm.

In this final season, a special counsel is put in place to monitor the going on at the firm. This is the entire storyline in the whole 10 episodes of the final season and the lady that plays Faye Richardson, Denise Crosby she is the stand out of the special guest stars of the final season she played the role so well that you just hate her to the bone.

Suits to me are playing a game of chess that we all know how to play but there are moves that we do not see Suits is like that we do not see the moves and if we do we do not think others will see it.

The other way I can explain it it’s like playing a video game and the game is set at the hardest level you can set a game on.

As I mentioned this season is all about going after Harvey and Faye Richardson plays a good game and really gets Harvey to bring out his A-game and it comes to the point that Mike Patrick J Adams comes back in this final season to help his mate to beat Faye and everyone hates her she is like the evil stepmother of Cinderella that everyone wants to go sooner than later and they try to find any options to get her out and they even had a section where they could have killed her personal character they did not go down that path as it’s not the Suits Character it’s about winning but winning fairly and within the law.

Suits for me the whole series is not just about the law but about family and how all the lawyer’s admin staff and I would even say clients become family and there are two happy occasions in season 9 one has to do with Harvey and Louis and both of them deserve it so much to get to their happiness and the other surprise is what occurs for Katrina Bennet her character becomes whole as well which is amazing she is a grinder and the fact that her role has some of the hardest challenges, but the writers keep her true to being a strong female no BS person, and she does not break the rules without great reason. Look I could keep writing but I am going to cut this short and say this is got to be in my top ten tv-series and this stand strong at least in my top 5 I want to thank my Sydney Physio for the recommendation this was totally worth it and does have to rewatch value.

There is a surprise that I found searching suits info and I will put it above I hope this surprise does this show Suits justice. boom boom!! lol

I give it a strong 9/10 worth a watch and I would even purchase this in Bluray or DVD

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