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Movie Review: Casper

This afternoon while the Lil one was sleeping I managed to get a movie in a movie that I did not plan to start watching but I thought why not because the wife and I started it but then got sidetracked with life and I just got a chance to sit and watch this within my Netflix profile.

I sat down and watched Casper and was watching with the eye of how has movies changed over time since 95″ when this movie was created.

The movie was really well done and the inside jokes were great but there was something strange about this movie looking back at it now. Although this was a kids movie the subject matter and content was not very kid central if you think about it.

A very sad and confronting movie for kids and well it does touch on the subject of death and life after death and spirit without getting all religious on a person.

For 1995 the special effects were really good I wonder though if its time for a remake?

Although I feel this movie is ageless and would not need one as sometimes you get lightning in a bottle and keep it that way and do not ruin it by redoing it over and over. One movie they should have not remade was Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Bill Paulman a Physc to the dead is on a quest with his daughter to help the dead people that are still here as Ghosts complete their unfinished business and cross over to the other side. Dragging his daughter from school to school as his job goes from one place to another depending on where he is required.

This is an oldie but a goodie and fun for the family but I would say the young young ones should watch it with parental guidance.

This would be a good movie for the collection and something good for the Halloween season.

Can be found on Netflix Australia.


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