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Movie Review: Killing Salazar aka Cartels

This afternoon I decided to sit down and get to watching a B grade Steven Segal movie called Cartels it had Segal and Luke Goss and Georges St Piere in the movie and the movie was your typical action 90 min no thinker.

Which I wanted for a lazy Saturday afternoon. I really would say the plot was tiny and not really there just any excuses to see Segal and GSP in action fight scenes.

The plot was all about a crook turning over to become a rat but does that really happen I guess you have to watch the movie to see what really happens.

Just pointless action twists and turns that you see a mile away and Segal only really gets up to do two action scenes in the whole movie the rest he sits in an interview chair with dialogue.

The movie can be watched while still using your mobile phone and looking up every once in a while to see have I got any closer to the 90min end.

The best of the movie I feel was the fight scene between Segal and GSP. That was the whole point of the movie cause as much as I like GSP I was not impressed by his performance. Can you really take GSP seriously with that French accent?

My only problem with the fight scene it was like a video game you see GSP and Segal beat everyone and level up to fight each other with no issues and then when they get to fight themselves at the boss level, GSP fights like he has lost all his powerups and fights like a White belt. Even when it comes to the killer blow it was so badly acted you can see the smile on the dead persons face and the over the top sound effect. That scene was also so bad that the knife that was going through someone’s head was so obvious cause the camera angle was bad that it was behind the person’s head and the sound effect was supposed to make it believable.

This is a one time watch with no kids allowed and I would not even keep it on your library of movies to keep one time watch and bypass the recycle bin.

IMDB gives it 3 out of 10, well I struggle to say its no more than a 1. Really it’s a small scale between 1 to 3 out of 10 for this whole movie.

Do yourself a favour and give this one a miss.

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