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Movie Review: Raya & The Last Dragon

Last week the wife and I got some time to have time together and the wife decided to watch this movie called Raya & The Last Dragon.

I at first questioned the choice as it’s a cartoon and I was like do we not want to watch a movie that is not a cartoon that our daughter can enjoy as well with us.

My wife then said this is not a kids cartoon. This has lots of violence. I was doubting this of course how can a Disney movie animated or not be violent.

Well I was very wrong this movie is violent and is not for the younger kids I would say from 10 to 12 and above.

The movie is a cross between the Chinese and Mongolian time period of I think the Chinese dynasty.

The movie revolves around several towns that are connected to make a country called Kumandra and this Kumandra is protected by these magic dragons and one day these magic dragons have to save Kumandra and in the process have to sacrifice themselves in doing so.

When this happens Kumandra then gets split up into different separate countries and instead of being united they do not like each other anymore and there is a lot of bad vibes between the split towns.

The towns are Heart, Fang, Spine and Tail if you think about its basically split up and they need to reunite to bring the Dragon whole again.

In the process of the dragon sacrifice, the dragons give all the powers to Sisu the water dragon and save the nation but as I mentioned the nation is split.

We go on an adventure with Raya to save Kumandra and bring it back to its former glory and this is not your normal Disney musical it does not do that it has music but more like separate songs that are done by artists that build a strong soundtrack.

Not your typical Disney Cartoon.

The wife and I really enjoyed this movie.

It was great to watch something that we did not have to start-stop and then start again 🙂 lol

The storyline has morals ethics and basically trying to bring people together even though they had differences. To understand that they were stronger together than to be apart.

The other elements I loved was the graphics the animation was 100% awesome just looking at the water that was there looked real and was majestic and magical.

The cast was mostly an Asian American cast very strong.

Awkwafina, Daniel Dae Kim, Benedict Wong and Sandra Oh these names are just to name a few of the strong cast.

I would even go as far as to say this movie is worth adding to your collection.

Watch it either at the movies or buy the digital download or subscribe to Disney+

An excellent high-quality movie aimed for the older kids and above

7.5 – 8 out of 10. Must watch

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