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Movie Review: Tom & Jerry

A lot may not remember but this new version of Tom and Jerry is the second feature film created based on the two mouse and cat characters. Tom and Jerry

This was a fun movie for the whole family. It was a half and a half movie.

The movie is half real-world half animation.

In this new version of Tom and Jerry, we meet the cat and mouse duo trying to make it in the Big Apple and Busking is the start and this is where all the cat and mouse chases start. They then bump into this young girl that is also in the Big Apple trying to make her mark and they literally crash into her.

The young woman then somehow ends up in a hotel and gets herself into a job of sorts and the cat and mouse again with the woman’s world then clash again.

There is a celebrity wedding happening at the hotel and they have a cat mouse problem well they have a mouse problem and Tom is there to try and remove the Mouse Jerry from the hotel.

Although this movie is suitable for all ages however I would say it’s for 5 and above.

My wife and tried to watch this with our 2 and a bit-year-old and she got to maybe like 15 to 20mins before she went to the next thing that interested her.

The other element that was different to this new version of Tom and Jerry and the old version the new version Tom & Jerry do not speak and in the old one, they finally speak so in this remake they keep the characters silent.

This is a family cartoon that I would keep in the family movie collection it does have rewatch value and just thinking of it the movie does remind me of Ratoulie although that was 100% animation.

Give this movie a go 6/5 to 7/10

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