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TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 1

During the Xmas New Year break, I decided to start an old show and it’s still going today it has 17 seasons so far and still going strong. I am up to season 6 currently but I think it’s time for me to write the review for season 1.

In season 1 we have been introduced to the strongest medical drama series since E.R and HOUSE M.D.

In Season 1 we are introduced to Meredith, George, Isabelle (Izzie) Alex, Christina, Derek Miranda, Preston and Richard. A very large cast and it is some of the strongest series to date.

The good thing is that when it started the writers started slow and built the story and the characters arcs over the life of the series to give the character depth and room for movement and as a whole, the Grey’s Anatomy Universe is stronger for it.

In the first season, Meredith Grey is an intern and has made it to the hospital that her Mother worked at and the Grey name has big shoes to fill with the new generation.

The show starts with Meredith hooking up with a stranger that she picks up at the local pub (bar) which she realizes that is not a stranger but someone she will have to work with on a day to day basis and as a Seatle Grace’s Attending Derek the Nurosurgon literally blows Meredith’s mind!!!

As I mentioned before Season 1 is all about character building and us as the viewers are introduced to the show and the storyline and the characters and their histories.

Like any new show in the first season, the first season is only 9 episodes long and are a very strong start because it builds the foundation and history of the show.

Season one like other season is less about the medicine but more about love triangles and relationships built in the hospital and the tangled webs we weave.

Give the show ago and even if you are a fan that is like up to season 17 it does help go back to the start and see how it all began because even for me going back and getting up to season 5 and 6 what I thought occurred to a character was not what I remembered because it was different.

Season 1 a solid start 7.5/10 not suitable for the kiddies.

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