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TV Show Review: Shameless Season 9 (SPOILER ALERT)

Well wow, it been a few years since I got back into this show and I have to say it did not disappoint. It left off where season 8 finished and the show this season in season 9 took some dramatical changes and if you have not heard yet I will not try and spoil it but there are some cast changes after this season.

This season the best performances I have to say are from Fiona and Lip they had the craziest stuff happen to them and it was very strong performances from Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White.

From the first episode Ian’s God complex to Frank getting into politics to make an easy buck collecting political signs. Even Liam’s young character had changed as well with learning how to make money to contribute to the household expenses.

Carl character and Debbie’s characters ended up in a love triangle with a daughter of a father that is in the service and Carl becomes Captain Bob’s, first mate!

Going back to Frank for a split second getting into politics he endorses a child molester and the guy that plays that role is the guy the father from The Wonder Years he plays it well you feel crept out.

We have a story arc with Frank and a crazy therapist that Carl gets involved with and does not even know it you have to watch that I feel that is a new time low for Frank.

Going back to Emmy Rossum as the first time I saw her was in The Phantom of the Opera with Gerald Butler and this girl can sing like no other so watching Emmy in Shameless will show you the diversity in her ability to act so well and very diverse acting ability and I remember watching a Youtube video where it was said that William H Macy Frank stated that Emmy has excellent dramatic acting chops which is great because she really does.

Even in the show, there is a scene between Frank and Fiona that Frank says something like thanks for helping to bring up the kids and Fiona has an awesome line and says “I did it all Frank”

There are so many different storylines that the show had this season from vagina safe zone to Frank giving a neighbourhood service that causes issues for a school that Liam goes to and because of Franks dumb-assessness Liam gets kicked out and has to change schools.

This show is one of the highest quality of acting although it’s about the low social economy of the south side of Chicago.

Now let me get to what got me started to watch this awesome show there are two reasons one a shoutout to my “Train Family!!!” and also the person that produced this show John Wells is the same guy that brought you an old classic hit that went on for 15 seasons and could have kept going but I still think it was the best Medical drama of all time and past the test of time. E.R. ER was a classic and well written and started some of the best actors careers in Hollywood. Thank you, John Wells.

Shameless Season 9 is a strong season and as it feels likes its the end it also feels like an animal shedding its skin and being renewed with new life and the whole story in the new season is being set up to go in a new direction. It is still going to be a strong show for a few more years to come. Not sure how much longer they would want to go with this show as it can become lower quality once you go over ten seasons. But so far its high quality.

Add Shameless to your list on Netflix and enjoy.

This is not a show for the kids at all and I have to give it a solid 8 to 9/10 for this season

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