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Friends Reunion 2021 HBO MAX

My mum and I sat and watched the Friends Reunion on the week ending when the Freinds reunion aired and from the first two starting slides where they give us the status of the shows of it running from 1994 to 2004 and the guitar strumming and it showing the last scene of the show in 2004 and it linking into today felt so special and you knew that you were going to be watching something emotional and special and once in a lifetime never to be repeated again for the public and fans.

How the cast individually enters to see the Friends set and see the set for the first time after 17 years and wait for each other to arrive and see each other after 17 years in front of camera’s and an audience and this is especially precious is because they managed to do this in this really difficult time of COVID.

After greeting each other they all go outside to be grated by the night’s host James Corden love or hate him he was the host of the night’s reunion.

I personally would have loved Gunter to interview them.

James introduces the cast to the audience and then they all come out and sit on the original couch in front of the friends’ water fountain.

Usually, with reunions, you do feel it’s special but with this, you get the feels from the first moment it starts and you are transported back to your childhood or the time in your life that friends were centre stage and part of it.

For me it ran for the period I was in high school and also my college/TAFE years.

We then got to what were their favourite episodes and the first one that they mention is the one with the apartment quiz where the girls lose their apartment to the boys and then we talk about the really special one that at the time we got the feels really about but we just thought it was a great performance by Jeniffer Aniston and David Schwimmer but it finally came out that 17 years ago they really did have a crush on each other but could not do anything about it and they did nothing about it because of their personal lives and it helped keep the show together for some long.

We then go to the quiz in 2021 and they re-enact the quiz with questions about the show and we meet returning guest stars.

After this, you scenes from different episodes and then you get to see back and forth from the beach episode and the Jellyfish episodes it was so funny to see how they love re-enacting these iconic scenes.

They introduce The creators of the show Bright, Kauffman and Crane and then they talk about casting the six actors.

The real story about the cast I really like and remember was how they cast Matt LeBlanc how he had 11 dollars to his name before being cast on the show.

The stories of how the cast got their parts were amazing and really they found people that fit the roles as actors that were like the characters on the show.

It’s so beautiful and a family creating process.

The reunion then the special guest stars that came back and took the time to come back for the show was what made this reunion as good as the seasons every year.

This is like a high school reunion and you all classmates are back and no one cares if they are successful or not they are just happy to see each other more than anything else.

The worldwide effect that friends had was amazing being a show that got translated to South Korea to Australia to Europe Africa etc. It was a global phenomenon.

A section of the reunion talks about how it helps gans deal with Depression and their lives. You really understand how this show helped people it was more than just a funny show it was part of a must-see show for the fans and the audience and how to teach how to interact with people and give people that had friends or no friends you knew it helped you lived. As the people interviewed state the Friends show saved more peoples lives.

For me, my favourite episode was not the one that Ross and Rachel kiss in the coffee house at Central Perk but it was more about the one with the Prom Video. That had true sentimental value.

That was my favourite episode. That episode for me just on its own gets a 10/10.

The show really knew how to tell a story it took its time to tell the story right the only time that I felt it missed its mark was when Joey and Rachel got together it just did not feel right.

I know if you go online you will see a lot of people saying that Ross was not good for Rachel and to a degree that was right but them getting together and having their happy ever after was special.

Without going for way too long the show really taught you about unconditional love no matter what be there for one another.

Sit down and watch this with your family and friends like this show is truly timeless and for me will never get old.

10/10 suits everyone from 0 to infinity and beyond!!

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