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Movie Review: FATALE (2020)

This was another random selection by me to watch and I had to watch it in three sessions and the little one had to be looked after in between and this is no kids movie.

Fatale in a nutshell is something between Fatal Attraction and Training day.

This movie for me was a random choice off my server and has a kinda strong A-grade Hollywood cast.

Starting with The girl next door from 90210 and then she went to The Next Karate Kid and then we have seen her turn into a million-dollar baby. Hillary Swank leads this movie and she does a good job in her role although it’s hard to see her as not a nice girl is that even believable you have a look and decide for yourself.

We also see Michael Ealy in this movie and he is always in these kinda movies and he plays the role also well is he a victim or the bad guy who knows? 😉 Michael puts in a solid performance.

There is only one other person to take note of this movie because the rest of the cast play second fiddle to the storyline.

Mike Colter yes that’s right Luke Cage is in this movie and he at first you think has a minor role or does he you decide?

The movie takes about 30mins to set up the whole story and then you go on this strange trip but for me, it’s nothing you have not seen before in regards to the story it’s done before. The only question I have is when have you ever gone clubbing and it’s been quiet enough to have a romantic chat with a potential partner?

The aspects I enjoyed were the scenery the location spots were beautiful and were outstanding character in the movie and the other element I liked was the music soundtrack in between the flow of the story the music is chosen was good something fresh and different.

I do not want to give too much away only to say it’s not bad if you have about 90mins to kill a movie you may watch only once but enjoy it somewhat.

As mentioned above it’s nothing that kids should watch and one of the biggest life lessons in this movie sometimes a one night stand will make your life unbalanced and is that one night stand really worth it?

I give this movie 5.5/10

A little side note do you notice someone familiar in the cast picture above its good to see he is back in the game.

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