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Movie Review: 211 (2018)

This afternoon evening I started to watch this old Nicholas Cage movie. This movie could have been called Ride Along a short little straight to DVD or VOD movie about a young boy that has to go on a ride-along with Nick Cage because he got busted by the cops because he beat up some bullies that were hurting him.

He goes on this peaceful ride along and then after a long setup all hell breaks loose and not only do they have to save the hostages because of a bank robbery but they have to keep the young kid-safe and return him back to his single mum.

While watching this movie both my wife and daughter joined the fun we had to set up CoCoMelen for my girl on the phone while the wife joined in the fun with me watching this B grade movie after a long time and she tore this movie up.

Found so many problems with it like if the robbers come in the bak why would they not set the alarm off straight away.

Also, she took a jab at how overweight Nicholas Cage has become and was advising me if Cage know he was doing this movie should he not have got into shape.

I was like who cares its a movie just watch and she basically turned an action movie into a comedy. lol

The movie was one of the old movies that I had wanted to watch and remove from my collection. I would give it the same score as the Bruce Willis movie I watched in the morning Once upon a time in Venice.

This is not suitable for the kids a 3/10 a good time water escape from reality for 90mins

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