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Movie Review: Once Upon A Time in Venice (2017)

Got a chance to sit and watch a movie of my choice this morning while everyone else was ZZZzzz. I decided to go through my old movies in my library and found this Bruce Willis straight to DVD or in today’s terms VOD Video on Demand.

Once upon a Time in Venice is about an old retired cop who is now a private investigator with a young partner. He gets involved in some shady dealings with some underworld characters in his local Venice area.

At first, I was not sure if I had to take this movie seriously or if it would be funny?

All I knew was I had a feeling it was going to be a B Grade movie that I was going to decide to remove from my library once I watched it?

The movie has a strong few actors Bruce Willis, John Goodman and Jason Mamoa

The first 12 to 14 mins is very well disturbing to anyone eyes as you see Bruce Willis running away from 2 brothers that hire him to find their sister and he ends up in bed with the sister and the 2 brothers find them in bed together and all you then see for the next 13 to 14 mins is a naked Bruce Willis run downtown butt naked trying to get away from these two brothers. What makes this even more unbelievable is the fact that he finds a mode of transport and you now see Bruce Willis butt naked on a skateboard out running 2 brothers in a car.

The story’s premise is that Bruce’s character is trying to rescue his dog that got stolen from these underworld characters. For the last 20mins, it turns into a geriatric version of John Wick getting all firearms and weapons to rescue this dog of his.

It’s a good movie to pass the time but nothing to keep in your collection. Bruce Willis movies now are only made for the $2 DVD bargain bin the days of Die Hard and Armageddon are over.

The movie is not suitable for the kiddies and due to the level of violence and nudity.


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