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TV Show Review: Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5 Miyagi-Do

I normally do not write a review for one episode of a show but this one brought a tear to my eye.

Everything you want in one episode to encompass The Karate Kid Part II is in this 36min episode. It gives you all the right feelings of nostalgia and transports you back to 1986 in an instant and the love friendship and tension is all there in this Miyagi-Do.

You go back to Mr Miyagi’s old village and are surprised by all the changes and how western it has become.

The Cobra Kai creators really do love this story and are doing justice to keep the integrity of this show on all levels and from both sides.

Although this episode had two sides of the story the trip that Daniel makes to Okinawa and also you see what’s happening in the states you are more interested in the Okinawa side because of the trip you take down memory lane.

Now there are three elements that make this a 5/5 or 10/10 episode for me.

The return of Daniel’s flame from Okinawa Kumiko and again the creators brought the love and friendship between the two in a really tasteful way.

The second element is that Chozen is back who is this guy well he is the final boss that Daniel fought all the way back in 1986 in Okinawa using the drum technique.

In this episode, Kumiko helps Daniel with his business and Chozen helps him level up his Miago-Do Karate.

Now, this may be a short review but it’s perfect on all levels. The final element of the episode that got that tear-jerking moment for me was the third element Yuna.

Who remembers her? Yuna was a small girl back in 1986 but in 2021 Yuna has become a businesswoman and is the key to bring balance back to Daniels life and the Car Dealership business.

Watch this episode totally worth it.

5/5 or 10/10 for me.

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