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Movie Review: Wish Dragon 2021 (NETFLIX)

After lunch, the family sat down to watch a film and of course, we watched something the Lil one could watch as well which was called Wish Dragon.

The movie in a nutshell is about a wish dragon that is like a genie that gives you three wishes.

The story is basically without trying to spoil anything like Aladdin just the Chinese version.

This had all action even violence in a cartoon made for kids it is PG so parents are watching this with their kids.

Basically, we go on this journey with this young boy being brought up with his mum and their journey in life and how the young boy becomes someone and find direction and love in his life and it its an adventure full of martial arts chases from bad guys and finding one’s true self.

This would not be my first choice and my 2 /1/2-year-old did well to sit through this nearly all the way through.

This is not a musical so you will not be singing or dancing.

Also, it’s a bit too long of a cartoon going for 1 hour 40mins for a cartoon based on young kids is too long in my book.

I would like to see the viewing metrics on this cartoon as I do not think it would be that high.

The message in the movie is good about putting others before yourself.

In general 6/10

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