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TV Show Review: Cobra Kai Season 3 Full Review (NETFLIX)

For a very long time, I put off watching this last season on Netflix just because I wanted to make sure I am fully ready for the journey the story takes.

In this season 3, we are taken back to after the school fight and the aftermath of what occurs for the kids and parents of the school and especially for Robbie Miguel, Torry and Sam.

The main two fights that cause the pure violence were well shot at the end of season 2 and set up the season 3 storyline really well.

The first part was we watch Miguel rehab and try to get better to come back to be the All Valley Champ that he is does he wake up from the Coma who knows? You have to watch.

On the Miyagi-Do Karate side, Daniel and the family face challenges from their car dealership side where there are snakes literally and figuratively trying to take them down.

Daniel travels all the way back to Japan to try and bring back balance to his and his family life and if you want a detailed review on this episode of the show I wrote a separate review for this episode season 3 episode 5 was the best episode of the season.

The third part of this season was the partition of Cobra Kai going into two factions and then a Cobra turns into an Eagle and teams up the two Dojos of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang to come together to take down The King Cobra.

In a nutshell, this season is the best one yet and there is a season 4 coming soon we do not know when though. The sooner the better.

The faction that gets created and the unity that comes from it is great.

Daniel and Johnny set a rule that if they can beat Cobra Kai they can never come back but what happens after that is amazing we are left on a cliffhanger but throughout this cliffhanger, we see historical Vietnam scenes that show us Krease when he was a teen and becoming who he is today and how he got “No Mercy” and the clue to the cliffhanger to season 4 is in these Vietnam scenes in Cobra Kai season 3.

What makes this show great is the fact how they can really tell the story and expand the storyline in an organic authentic way to not lose the basis of the movies.

My question is are they going to fit in the Karate Kid movie that may have been forgotten.

The Next Karate Kid are we going to tie that fourth instalment in somehow.

To the readers out there how many seasons do you want to see of Cobra Kai I would like to see 6 at least I do not think 10 would be good do we have enough storylines for them to build that many series? Tell me what you think?

The other person that we see in this season is the conclusion of both Daniel and Johnny’s relationship with Ali and it’s done very tastefully and they did not ruin it,

Give this a go it has to be on your list on Netflix.

10/10 for me. Younger kids with parental units watch please.

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