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TV Show Review: You, Me Her Season 1 & 2 (NETFLIX)

You, Me Her found on Netflix is a different type of show that I started to watch a long time ago and stopped as my little one came into this world and my focus from movie and TV show reviews changed and now that my little one has grown a little bit I find some time to get to these reviews again.

This TV show is not for everyone I tried to explain it to a group a few weeks ago and I got mixed reactions. This is not a kid show it’s a tv show for the grown-ups.

It’s a show about a married couple that hit a rut in their relationship and they go to a marriage counsellor and try to help them get back to a good place in their relationship.

The husband then calls another woman in their relationship and does not tell the wife and meets up with her and then does not actually follow through with his intention has a bit of a guilty conscience and then comes home and tells his wife and then the wife sets up a meeting with this same woman and then the story unravels from there.

In this first season, the show sets up the three-way relationship and explores how the three main characters feel about each other and they try to normalize it as much as they can and you see how people react to it.

On top of this, the married couple also wants to have a child and are having to go see a doctor to get help getting pregnant.

So in a nutshell season, one is about setting up the relationship and in season 2 we dig deeper.

In season 2 we get back into the show as the couple builds on their relationship and they give their relationship more of a definition now. Also, more people come to know of their relationship and start to become more accepting.

Also, we see expansions of the supporting characters like the guy that was interested in the call girl then gets involved in the girl’s roommate and then we learn more about the two supporting characters and how they get together and what their relationship becomes is something between reality and fairytale.

I actually enjoy watching this relationship grow.

I learnt a new term in this part of the show the guy is called a serial monogamist

The guy goes from one relationship to another but actually builds a relationship and loves the romance of being a couple.

On top of these love stories, all characters are trying to have normal lives and juggle careers and friendships and we see how this Throuple relationship affects all this.

The characters range from college students a student counsellor and architect and friendships with the neighbours in the neighbourhood.

At the end of the second season, we are thrown a spanner and I am not going to spoil it just watch and see what happens.

I do not recommend this for anyone that is not open to anything that is different it will challenge your belief systems and if you are not ready do not watch this.

It’s a light drama so far with more comedy.

Not suitable for kids and can be watched as a couple.

I give both seasons a solid 7/10

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