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Movie Review: IRON MASK 2019

An early afternoon movie I decided to watch was a movie that stars Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger its a movie based in Europe and China and revolves around a Chinese old story of a magical Dragon and a man in an Iron Mask and the journey this man takes to get the special seal back to China from Europe and bringing order back to China and the whole world at that time which was China.

A little trivia now does anyone remember any other movie that Schwarzenegger and Chan played in together?

The movie is full of special effects magic and takes you on a journey and you are really immersed in this new world back in time.

The movie also has great action choreography although Chan and Schwarzenegger do not have big roles in this movie the others play bigger roles in the movie.

This movie is a blend between Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean kinda a strange mix but if you watch it you will hopefully see the blend.

The martial arts are top-level although with Chan it looks like most of the scenes you see him fight is like Kata’s by himself except a fight scene with Arnold.

This movie is for the younger kids and above I would say from 10 and above younger kids with parental units watching as well.

This is a movie that you do not take seriously you just watch to kill time and have fun and escape reality for 2 hours.

Yes, that’s right it’s 2 hours long it’s not a short escape from reality it’s a long escape from reality.

I can say it’s a movie that you would keep in your movie collection however it’s a one time watch and if you watch it again you would watch it with friends and extended family.

There are better movies out there but you are drawn to this movie because Jackie and Arnold’s names draw you in but the other actors pull off the story.

Come and join in this ancient fairytale that will take you away.

Do not watch this if you want to watch a great story or an oscar-winning performance you get none of that you watch this for fun and it’s a cash grab for the actors involved.

I would like to know how many millions that Jackie and Arnold got to do this movie.

Considering they did not have many action scenes.

I would give this a 5.5/10

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