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Movie Review: How I Became a Superhero 2021 (NETFLIX)

How I became a Superhero? Should be called How do I get my 1 hour and 40mins back.

Please do yourself a favour and do not watch this it’s not a superhero movie that you are thinking. It’s different and a lot darker. Something between X-Men and Titans

For at least nearly 40mins and a tad more the whole movie is a flat line that you are waiting for something besides knowing that it’s a science experiment gone wrong.

The whole setup of this superhero movie gone wrong is like watching the latest version of The Power Rangers movie that basically took them the whole movie to learn how to Morph if you understand that you can just imagine what we are waiting for here.

This is a Netflix Original that I feel should have not been made in the first place and instantly got a thumbs down from me after the lengthy movie.

A superhero movie that was french made was very strange and really it was a science experiment gone bad,

Do I recommend this, no I do not it’s not suitable for kids nor for adults that value their time?

Can we please ask Netflix as it does with movies that we actually want to be kept on the service can this movie be removed like right now?

Usually, it is really hard for me to give a thumbs down to a movie but this one I was waiting for the chance and I hit it without hesitation.

If you want to watch something different then yes this is different but the actors do not show any emotion sad, happy angry the actors’ facial expression is locked, like if the wind hit and their faces got stuck that way.

Who has seen this and what did you think of it?

By the way, the movie is dubbed in English as well as available in its original French!

It’s a 0/10 from me.

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