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Movie Review: The Dissident

The Dissident is a documentary bought to you by Brian Fogel where have you heard that name before? Brian is the same person that bought you the documentary called Icarus The documentary can be found on Aussie Netflix and is about The Tour De France and how Lance Armstrong and a bunch of others cheated and how it was systematic.

This Documentary is another top-shelf documentary that he has done this time about Jamal Khashoggi the journalist that disappeared inside of the Saudi consulate trying to get his papers to marry his fiance.

This is not a soft documentary it’s a very hard-hitting and confronting documentary and does take people and governments to account for actions that have caused all this sadness.

The documentary again does not pull any punches and goes into great detail about how this was no accident but to be a planned organized hit on a man that wanted to make change for the better.

I do not want to go into great detail about this as it can still be a very sensitive subject to talk about but it’s worth watching and make up your own mind.

Not suitable for kids or any person that does not like these types of Doco’s

The only question I have is do you only think it happens in that part of the world or does it happen where you are too?

How much do you think is the cost of freedom of speech?

This is a must-watch and I enjoyed this as much as you can discussing this incident and subject matter.


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