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Movie Reviews: EQUALS 2015 (NETFLIX)

Late last night I decided to sit and watch a movie that was different and something out of the norm.

Equals is what I choose this was found on Aussie Netflix.

This Sci-Fi flick is based in the distant future where humanity looks, all the same walks the same way talks the same and it feels that the whole of humanity is based on some drug that suppresses human difference and this is the whole basis of the movie within this melancholy movie we have a love story and how this love story survives or does not survive is what this whole story is about.

The movie has Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart from everyone’s favourite Twilight Saga movies.

It also has a tad splash of Aussie flavour as well as Jackie Weaver and Guy Pearce.

At first, I was like meh this movie is slow boring and because everyone is the same and has no differences then its boring, but the whole point is to find out why they are made this way and will things change and via the love story with Stewart and Hoult we go on their love story to see what happens.

About 40mins into it I got into this movie and was invested in the love story but some people may not have that level of patience.

Does anyone think that we can create the perfect society that is based on robotic mannerisms I don’t think so and it’s what makes humanity great our beautiful differences in a good way makes us all the same?

The movie has one sex scene that may not be everyone’s cuppa tea and is not suitable for kids.

The subject matter is adult and questions togetherness and differences and blind following without thinking.

I am not happy or sad that I watched this but it’s a one time watch, nothing I would advise has rewatched value.

It is different and something like Demolition man that is drugged up but drugged up in a way that everyone is zoned out and if you have symptoms of emotion then its like cancer.

6.5/10 something different.

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