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Movie Reviews: Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries: Ships in the Night

Last night I decided to sit and watch a short movie off the server and I thought I would watch something that is average a one time watch and then remove it from my server.

I was quietly surprised that it was actually better than I expected.

This movie was a Hallmark movie made by the same guys that make your holiday cards.

Hallmark makes a lot of Christmas movies however I did not realize that they make murder mysteries.

When did Hallmark go from family-friendly to the killing game and when I saw this I had to watch this to see how in detail they go with the murder?

Do we see blood the actual murder etc…

What you see is a struggle, a small pool of blood however it’s the cleanest murder scene I have ever seen in a movie.

Ships in the Night is a PG-13 movie.

The movie is carried by three main characters Jeff Jackson (Jesse Metlcaf) the sexy Gardiner you may remember from Desperate Housewives, Dr Zee Madieras (Sarah Lind) Sarah has one of those faces that I know I have seen her in something else but cannot put my finger on it and I even checked IMDB to trigger my memory nothing. Finally, we have Chief Madeiras (Eric Keenleyside).

After the murder these three get together to solve the mysterious death and the reasons behind it and who done it?

When they go out to find out who did the crime we also have an old flame between the Dr and the sexy gardener that also plays a part in the story however whenever they want to go on a date this murder case gets in the way.

Then the murder mystery becomes their date and how they rekindle their flame and even so that the Cheif of police which is the Doctors dad goes on the case with the two on some days and it feels like these two adults are being chaperoned, which was kinda strange and funny at the same time.

The movie is light-hearted for a murder movie being hallmark and all its something that would keep your interest and something that all can watch and the younger audience 10 and below would watch with parental units as the subject of the murder is something you would need to talk about with the young folk.

As mentioned it was better than expected IMDB gives it a 7/10 as so do I.

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