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Movie Review: Peppermint 2018 (NETFLIX)

Wow-what a movie why did I wait so long to watch this movie? Peppermint is one of the best movies on Netflix out now its a kinda oldie at the moment is from 2018 but it’s worth a look.

If you think Tomb Raider old and new are good this movie Peppermint literally blows that away in 2 seconds.

Peppermint is about a young wife/mum that goes on a revenge mission after she loses her family.

I have not seen Elektra but if I have to compare it to Peppermint Elektra is the pre-show before the main event.

This movie is very much hard-hitting and is not like the last movie I reviewed which was a soft murder mystery that was brought to you by Hallmark movies this was a take no prisoners and hold nothing back action flick with real emotion that packed more than a punch.

The movie is the perfect length and also gets you invested in this movie really well and although Peppermint is an Anti-hero (vigilante) you understand her reasoning and again shows how bad the LAPD cops are being corrupt and all.

The cast is strong everyone from the good guys to the bad guys plays their roles very well and it’s a movie that will not leave you disappointed.

Jenifer Garnier going from 13 to 30 to Elektra and now to Peppermint I wonder after Ben cheated on her did she do this movie to take her frustration out on this movie just to kick some guys ass.

The way this movie sets up the emotional side and makes you invested is A+.

This is worth being on Netflix and even if you want to purchase your own version and keep it in your film collection.

I wish the studio could turn this into a franchise and make it even bigger?

Now after speaking of all its good graces this movie is MA15+ it is totally not suitable for anyone below 15 but I would even say they could have made this 18+ and given it more of an edge and a brutal KO punch this way.

Not a movie for the whole family a movie for the guys and girls that like non stop action with a strong story behind it all.

This will keep you awake for a total of 1 hour and 40mins no questions and it does not lose momentum.

A story about female empowerment and getting justice for major wrongdoing.

Add this as I said to your collection no kids allowed a strong and highly recommended movie. 8.5/10

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