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Movie Review: Exodus 2021 (SPOILERS)

Today with a lot of interruptions and even a half-day excursion I managed to come home and finish this nonsense of a Sci-Fi thriller movie.

The movie felt unedited properly and had no real direction at all.

I kept watching in between using my phone and the film felt like days of our lives/The Bold and The Beautiful not really going anywhere fast, even though it was only less than an hour and twenty minutes but it felt like forever the story was nothing to write about

I tossed up even to finish watching this to write the review or not in the end I felt I had to let my audience know how bad this flick was and is so you do not have to go through the pain I did.

Do not bother watching this it felt like a Uni exam that the director should have failed.

How do they even green light these kina crappy movies?

The movie to me was something like Blair Witch Project that was Sci-Fi Thriller more than Horror.

No Actors here to really right about it was again a crappy movie that should have never been made.

All these guys should have stayed or been punished for this movie and gone in quarantine for 1 month at least after this was made.

The true essence of this movie was about finding if there is an exit from this world to the next a really crappy way to talk about life after death.

With such a topic you could have done a much better job.

If you are interested in that topic watch “A Good Place” much better than this.

All movie review sits give this between 1 to 2.5 stars well sorry to spoil it this movie reaches in the minus section for me.

Please don’t bother.

-10/10 is not suitable for any audience let alone kids.

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