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Movie Reviews: Cosmic Sin (2021)

Well, Cosmic Sin what an absolute sin to watch this straight to DVD $2 bin or direct download illegal or otherwise it’s not worth your time.

I started watching this and for the first, I would say 2mins I was reading the screen because it was time jumping from the early 21’st century to way into the future so they can get away with more unbelievable Sci-Fi thing that I was sitting there going what the hell is going on and that was not just because the storyline was hard to follow but the entire movie effects were below par.

Just a quick cash grab for Bruce.

The movie for me is a cross between a really bad version of Tron the 9080’s version with bad CGI and Armogeddon a really low budget space movie you sit and again wonder how this got lit to be made.

There is no real cast to know of just Bruce the rest are newbies and we’ll all we can do is hope that they get better opportunities in the future.

Bruce this was no “Die Hard” it was just Hard to Watch”.

If you do watch this don’t say I did not warn you I consider this a public service announcement to stay away from this movie.

So this is a cross between Armegeddor and Tron and if you want to watch something like that watch Tron and Armeggeddon separately and you will have a better time.

Not suitable for kids or anyone that has good taste in movies.

a 0/10 for me even leaning towards a minus score. You would throw rotten tomatoes at this movie in the cinema at the screen or even at the red carpet premiere.

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