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Movie Review: Justice Society: World War II (2021)

I thought of watching something different today. I decided to watch a DC comic movie that is called Justice Society World War II this has what you think all DC Justice movies/cartoons have.

The cartoon starts off in the present-day and then goes back in time and an alternate universe via the present-day flash.

We all of a sudden are thrown back in time back to when WWII is happening and the Hitler man is taking over or should I say trying to.

The movie is less than 90mins long but does have a strong enough story and does capture your attention for the duration.

All the time I was watching this it felt like I was watching a Marvel movie and I tell you why?

You had all the DC characters but you had Wonder Woman with a civilian boyfriend that looked like Captain America but he was called “Steve Trevor” beyond this aspect that was an Avengers knock off the movie as a whole did actually hold its own and is suitable for the older kids and above 10 and above I would suggest. My 2-year-old said buy daddy and went to her mum in the living room. 🙂

The storyline is good enough that I feel that if a movie director picks this up and remakes it into a live-action movie it would be good too.

If you are into comics, comic movies or comic cartoons this is one to watch it as I said is solid and I am planning to keep this as part of my collection.

Not a bad Lil flick for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

A solid 7/10 for me.

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