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TV Shows Review: You Me Her: Season 3 (SPOILER ALERT)

Well, it was time again to get back into the burbs with Jack Izzie and Emma and go on the wild ride of their three-way relationship and well again it was a bumpy quirky funny ride that kinda did not pick up momentum until the last three episodes of the season.

The last time we saw them Emma left Izzie and Jack and found that she was not into boys and girls just girls and went to Seatle to follow her architectural dream and found a new partner there and left everyone Jack and Izzie included and tried to make a life in Seatle with her new squeeze and however much she tried it felt fake.

Eventually, Jack and Izzie got over their heartbreak and moved on to become a heterosexual couple again.

Jack and Emma story arch took a few episodes but they got a divorce and that way Emma can go back to Seatle to her new partner and Jack and Izzie can get on with their lives. However, the three of them had one last threeway before Emma felt guilty about cheating and ran back to Seatle causing Izzie the most heartbreak.

Then of course you know that the story takes another turn and Emma comes grovelling back but I won’t spoil why you have to watch to find out!!

We are introduced to new characters in this season Izzie’s long lost deadbeat dad is back in town trying you reconnect and this is another spanner in the works.

Let’s talk about the supporting cast for a few minutes now Carmen and Dave are still together on the brink of breaking up as they are juggling bringing up their two girls and trying to keep their promise that the kids will not go to daycare until they are three.

There is a scene in an episode that they decide to get a nanny and are interviewing a bunch. However, they interview one and everything gets off to a great start the girl can do all the basic early child learning stuff you would want and the clincher for Carmen and Dave was that the girl could teach them French as she is fluent and she was close to fluent in Spanish.

Then it came down to what well let’s call her what she was a babysitter. How much the babysitter cost and how many hours she was going to do.

The Frenchy babysitter wanted $40 per hour for a minimum of 5hours and everything after 6 pm is overtime double pay.

The next thing you see is the door being closed and Dave saying buy in french and both slide down the back of the door and sit down and dave saying she wants more than I make and I should be working in her industry something along those lines.

Dave steps up and looks after the girls while Carmen follows her dream.

The Nina saga continues this season and we come back to see that Andy has skipped town with his dad to go find himself and she is trying to pick up the pieces with Izzies help and Shaun the Bartender at the bar they all hang out at.

All I can tell you here is that Nina and Shaun go out on a date that is called not a date and then have a magical kiss and then at the bar Nina asks him to try again to see if that was a fluke or was there something there.

All of a sudden we have Andy come back into the picture and then we have the final episode of the Bachorellete where Nina asks both of them to wait 24 hours for her to make her decision after they bring flowers and Shaun brings some poor excuses for flowers. However, I guess it’s not the size of the bunch of flowers that count.

The season ends with Emma Izzie and Jack back together but why and what made it more committed this time you have to watch.

Again this show is not for everyone it’s different and that’s what makes it original to watch.

This season 6.5 to 7/10

Not suitable for kids!!

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