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Movie Review: JOLT (2021) R+18 (Amazon Prime)

My late Friday night movie was a movie I chose at random hoping I would find a gem within my vast movie library. Jolt was what I chose hoping for something different and good but also not concerned if it was average as I would review and remove it from my library.

You can find Jolt on Amazon Prime and although IMDB gives the movie 5.6/10 the movie is not that bad. Yes, some elements are not believable as getting a jolt of electricity each time like having the machine that gives you CPR each time can be a tad far fetched as the normal human body would give up a lot sooner than the 90mins Kate Beckinsale tolerates the jolts to her body.

The premise of the story is set up well and is another movie that creates what I feel is a female anti-hero in her universe. On a side note, some of the sets when Kate walks down a street in her local area does look like a Hollywood set.

This movie reminds me of a movie that I watched recently with Jennifer Garner called Peppermint.

These two movies are very similar you could say one is made by DC and the other by Marvel as both movies are female anti-heroes out for revenge and justice and both movies set up their universe so there may be a second movie to come for both.

Let’s Jolt back to the movie although I felt, in the beginning, this was going to be one of those movies that I would struggle to get through because of the premise of the story.

The movie actually did well. Jolt was well paced so you did not get bored and look away at your phone playing games and then just listening to the movie. I was focused on the movie from start to finish.

The element I liked and how the story spun it in the setup of the beginning of the movie Lindy Kate Beckinsale was born with a disability and overtime this turned into a strength and in the end, was normal.

Lindy goes on a revenge rampage to find out who did what to her 2 date boyfriend that she really liked.

If I was in Lindy’s way I would get out of the way,

The cast was strong and drive the movie from start to finish.

You have Kate Beckinsale, Stanly Tucci, Jai Courtney, Laverne Cox you would know her from Orange is the New Black.

With this cast, you had enough strength to hold the movie and bring it home and not lose interest.

Give the movie a go and you won’t be disappointed.

I give the movie 6.5/10

Also my usual this is not suitable for the kids too violent and got a lot of swearing and a sexy scene.

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