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Movie Review: John Wick 3: Parabellum

John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum finally got around to watching this latest chapter in the John Wick series.

Part 3 did not disappoint although the first 30mins felt like I had watched it before but I then remembered I did make an attempt to watch it earlier and failed either I fell asleep or I had baby daddy duties.

In the latest chapter, John has a bounty on his head and he has any assassin that you can think of coming for his head. This is a non-stop action flick that you have to hold on tight and just enjoy the ride.

Let’s get one negative out of the way first. There was a second of one of the group final fight scenes that like the top level of the SAS or SWAT with all the armour that you can think of came in the room and there was a second in a scene that John Wick stopped and reloaded his pistol and the bad guy did nothing just wait and get hit. To me, this part was the part that lost a tad bit of creditability to the insanity of action scenes the movie had.

The movie had a dog again and he got the cab ride to the hotel again while John Wick was trying to make it to the library.

As you know John is an avid reader 🙂

The other scene that was amazing was the scene where John Wick gets dropped off in the desert by Halle Berry’s character and the do a panned cinematic scene that John is walking in the desert. It reminded me of Uncharted and Nathan Drake. A beautiful shot scene.

The movie is lengthy and has a lot to get through but you can besides that 2 seconds reload scene everything was smooth.

What I also like is the fact that it has a Neo Morephus reunion that would have been special for fans of both John Wick and The Matrix.

The fight scenes are amazing and well-choreographed even though you know it’s all set it’s well done.

Going on a tangent here I am not sure if you guys know Dr Mike but he reviews the realistic injuries that John wick takes in part 3 and how real it is for him to survive. It does not take away from the movie it just makes it funny check it out just above in the video clip.

The John Wick series I would put it up there with the Fast Furious franchise but I honestly think 9 moves for Fast and Furious is too many please stop at 10 and with John Wick hopefully they finish at 4 or 5 the max depending on if the script is good.

Keanu Reeves has to be one of the most versatile actors as he can play in a rom-com to a drama to a Sci-Fi to a full-on Action flick like John Wick.

The other notable scene is the fight scene with Halle Berry and Keanu fighting the bad guys with dogs and the dogs were helping them and it reminded me of Wolf3D if anyone old enough to remember that.

All I can say is watch this movie and add it to your collection worth a watch and keep.

a solid 7.5-8/10.

Of course not suitable for the kids!!!

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