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Movie Review: Jungle Cruise (2021)

Well, this time the whole family got in the act and at the request of my wife we watched Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

The movie from the get-go was an attraction ride at Disneyland and Disney World and was similar to The Pirates of the Caribbean series. We know this was a ride at the amusement parks that they turned into a movie.

To me, this movie had elements like I mentioned 2 seconds ago like Pirates and The Mummy series and I am on the money there if you think about it.

The movie has elements that may be scary for the younger kids but please have parental guidance while watching this flick.

Jungle Cruise is over 2 hours long and does have a lull in the momentum of the movie that you can fall off the ride and lose interest well my 2yr old was not in for the whole ride she was off playing her own games after less than 30mins.

Disney is trying to make their next big thrill and franchise like Pirates and they have Backed The Rock Dwayne Johnson to be that hero.

Now the only thing that was a little off was the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Dwayne the Rock Johnson what do others think do you think they had the chemistry on the show?

Jack Whitehall the third wheel in the movie tagged along for the Jungle cruise and he did play a well goofy offsider and a great narrator.

The entire first action sequence in the movie including the whole Dwayne Johnson intro felt like you had paid your ticket on for the Jungle Cruise ride and this did not stop throughout the movie it played exactly like if you were on the ride and it went on and on thrill after thrill.

Jungle Cruise had special effects all over the shop but the most strange effect was the pink petals it felt weak.

There was a scene where Emily Blunt is running on the thick branches of the enchanted tree thick branches I may add this was not the strange part, the strange part was the fact that when Emily was running the pink effect was blurry and you could easily tell it was CGI and it felt like they were near the end of their budget and had to do something.

There was CGI Dolphins that were a mix of one animal with another not sure what the second animal was.

There were CGI monkeys a Jaguar that was one of the main characters and had an important role to play. The other CGI animal there was a lot of Snakes and Bees.

These effects were out of the same CGI workshop as The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I enjoyed this movie and really I could see myself going to the Cinema to watch this one with the family if we were during non-Covid times.

I would say fun for the whole family kids watch this may be from 6-7 up to adults.

I have watched three movies this weekend so far and all three are worth watching however this is the only one suitable for the whole family.

A solid 8/10

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