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Movie Review: F9: The Fast Saga

I have been putting this movie off for a while now because I really wanted to give it my full focus however today was not the day to sit and watch it in one go however I managed to watch this in between my daddy duties and lunch and every other interruption there was.

F9: The Fast Saga the gang gets back together as this time it’s close to home and they have to stop one of their own.

F9 we finally got to see the actual back story of how Dom ended up in jail the first time.

The 9th chapter closes some big holes in the timelines of the Fast and Furious timeline.

Also, I wish it was at least 2 hours and 30mins long it was over 2 hours just but could have been more.

In this chapter, we meet a new character added to the Fast & Furious universe. Dom’s brother Jakob played by the Dr of Thugonomics that you cannot see Mr John Cena.

At the start, I was unsure how John Cena was going to fit in this world seeing how he has done kid-friendly movies and superhero movies and now he is joining one of the biggest franchises in the world.

John managed to fit in and play the role well and the new actors that played Dom and Jakpb’s younger selves also played extremely well. I have a question here. Did anyone think Jakob had a disability or was he just the younger brother of Dom in Dom’s shadow?

We have queenie (Helen Mirren) back in the movie when they travel to the UK and she has a very cool car chase scene that Dom was just the passenger.

Although the movie franchise has picked itself up after the loss of Paul Walker you know there is a big gap in the team that cannot and never will be replaced and it’s amazing how they keep it real like that with little Brian.

The movie is full of action and it’s non-stop and has a heart as always and what I love is I think Vin Diesels production company is called “OneRace” beautiful.

The diversity in this movie is what stands out and how they all get along as truly one family and shows even with their differences you truly have “Unity in Diversity”

A part of me wants the movie series to finish before it gets bad like some sequels that have been made for other franchises but the Fast & Furious franchise seems to keep the series alive with strong storylines and the fact that all the original characters come back each time and understand about brand and fan loyalty and keeping it original the best they can.

What do you guys think should they finish after 10 parts? or keep going IMDB has already shown they are working on part 10.

There is an easter egg at the end of the movie soy do not end when the initial credits roll.

A strong cast a strong story and something I selfishly want to finish so I can buy all the movies in one movie bundle.

You have to watch this if you are a fan or even if you are jumping in now this one would be a good one to start as it goes back and becomes an origin story and really does give you an understanding of Familia!!!

Unlike the Star Wars franchise, the order they are in is the order you watch them in now based on the story timeline.

This movie even goes out of this world and although not the fastest and furious scene in this movie it was as I said out of this world watch it and you will understand.

The locations are great and the soundtrack I would not say is the best but still good.

I would say this is suitable for the whole family however younger kids under maybe 8 to 10 should have parental guidance while they watch.

Would I give this a 10 honestly I think earlier parts have been better this is good but with all the explosions and stunts they have done you have seen it all and this has become an attraction ride more than anything nothing that you say wow too?

It’s a solid 8/10 for me!!

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