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TV Show Review: Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 to Season 17

This is a review a long time coming. I started to watch Grey’s Anatomy many moons ago and started from the start and I have reviewed the first season which is only 9 episodes.

I am now up to date finishing season 17. There is season 18 just started but this review will come on its own when it’s all done.

I will try and do this TV show justice to cover all seasons but I am not sure if I can cover all seasons but I will mention some key points in the shows that have caused me pain heartache, happiness and even a certain season I watched at the time it was aired which caused me to stop watching and walk away completely from the show as I thought when they removed this character the show was all over.

The main thing you also see at the end of season 17 the original class that started with the show is no longer there it’s only Meridith. You still have Webber and Baily but they were always teachers and mentors before they became peers.

My favourite characters throughout the show are not necessarily the season but the epic thing that happened on the show and I should warn you there will be spoilers so I hope you are up to date.

For me the first four seasons Shonda Rhimes was building the show and the characters and by that time we got a fully formed strong cast from Meridith, George, Izzie, Christina and Alex these were the main cast that we got to learn about and it was an amazing journey we loved them all and felt all their joy happiness sadness and all other feelings that they had and it has been an amazing journey from season 1 to season 17.

The first things that come to mind are not sure what season but when Izzie got her brain tumour and her boyfriend came and then died and then came back as her tumour but we did not know at the time. Denny, I think that was his name. This was Jefferey Dean Morgans big break for me and also it was the first time you saw the effect of seeing a person in the real world see a person in the afterlife and it was an effect of a medical condition and this gave it some sort of real reason why they could see dead people through scientific reasoning with a slight stretch of reality.

If you want a myth buster kinda thing that really shows you what’s reality what Dr Mikes YouTube channel.

Has anyone watched this from start to now and been a fan and never left the show as I did?

I will get back to this the other storyline that was memorable was George’s death and you had no idea at the time this was him. This death I feel was all linked to Dr Burkes real-life person and his homophobic slurs that were said to him and Burke left first and how he left Vs how McDreamy left was not fair they should have killed him off Vs McDreamy I am glad they got a way to bring back both characters to close loops for both Merideth and Christina and the fact that Meridith and Christina are still texting in season 17 is a great thing although Sandra Oh has said that she does not want to come back.

I don’t blame her as she was on the show for 10 seasons but to have them all come back for the finale and like a DVD special feature would be awesome.

Three medical TV Shows I would buy the DVD BluRay series be E.R Grey’s Anatomy and House M.D

What are your favourite medical shows?

I am happy to see most of the long-term cast got to exist and create their own storylines to come to a closure. Who was your favourite character and storyline?

The Storyline that annoyed me the most to the point that I stopped watching the show after that was when Dr Derek Shepard left I was not happy that I stopped watching the show after that for many years did anyone else do this?

The show after this I felt did hit a lul and was not going anywhere but Shonda Rhimes did something strong and she went back to getting new characters and building new stories that are linked to the major story a perfect linkage to all this was Meredith’s half-sisters Lexie and Maggie how those characters grew and linked to the storyline is amazing and how it all intertwines in such a great way is amazing and well season 18 has some special returns as well but that’s for another review for another time.

Around the “me too” movement time the show has really emphasised female empowerment and dealing with other social justice themes that we are all facing in real life.

One of the themes that it faced and I liked it made all the department heads women.

Throughout a few seasons, a running theme has always been about being black and how to deal with the Police and although well shown on the show it’s a sad day that the colour of your skin still gives you a different experience when dealing with authority.

I know for me moving cities within Australia moving from Sydney to Brisbane I instantly could tell the difference of how I am being treated and the instance indirect/direct racism that I have felt has made me mad and sad at the same time and sad not to me but why we still have that level of ignorance.

I really do recommend this Grey’s Anatomy series for all and it’s a show I will watch and purchase once all seasons are done.

Earlier in the blog, I mentioned my favourite medical series what are yours and tell me of any new shows that I should give a go?

Season 17 was all around Covid 19 and dealt with the most respect and reality that I felt the show helped pave the way for us to go from the wildness of Covid 19 at the start and getting a grip and getting to the new normal at the time we are now.

We have still got a bit to go but as we always say look at the glass half full not empty.

Through the lifespan of the show, I have to give it from an 8 to a 10 out of 10.

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