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TV Show Reviews: Queen of the South Season 1

I rewatched season 1 of Queen of the South and it was like I had never watched this before because when I got to the end of season 1 I was like What the Hell!! No spoilers 🙂

This show is good really good it has moments of fast and slowness but they are building characters and storylines that will go for longer in other seasons.

If you liked Narcos and the story of Pablo Escobar then you will like this and this shows you the drug trail that is in Mexico.

This is not suitable for kiddies and some adults may not like this as it does not hold back.

This show although this show is about illegal drug running it does really talk about female empowerment.

The show really does it well when telling the story mostly in English and blending Spanish in there as well.

I highly recommend this series it’s worth a re-watch and I am glad I did watch it again as I missed a lot of details that I thought happened at different times and they all occurred during the first season.

The cast is strong from the good guys to the bad guys and it all becomes a blur to really know who or what is good vs bad.

This show makes me feel like I am watching Gangstas with feelings.

Have you guys seen this show and what do you think do you like it?

For me, season one is a solid 7/10 not suitable for kids and some adults.

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