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Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog (NETFIX) (2020)

Well, this movie is such a hyped and a return for Jim Carey to the big screen and it’s a family-friendly movie and well I don’t know about you all out there but I really wanted more from this movie although spoiler alert here that they are making a second Sonic movie.

I really had high hopes for this but I am sorry to say this was not as good and as fast as sonic speed would want it to be it was a slow-paced movie that really did not connect with me as part of the audience and as a massive SEGA fan this movie really could have brought SEGA back but again such the console into a happy nostalgic feeling for us 80’s kids but really could have picked up the new generation but failed to do so I feel.

It has all the right elements of the game but really could have had the most important part of Sonics powers the power rings to play a bigger role in the movie but he had to go searching for the bag of rings and this was never and not like the game this should have been collected throughout the movie.

The most relevant part of the movie that was linked to the games was the end credits showing game scenes while watching the names in the credits.

Going back to Jim Carey for a sec I like him but this was not the role for him if fans of Sonic remember the games Dr Robotnic was FAT and he in the movie was a skinny looking dude fit as a fiddle.

The movies real problem is the fact that it’s slow and did not keep my attention and I had to force myself not to fall asleep while watching as we watched this as our little one was awake and we had to watch something of her choice.

I hope that the second movie they are making makes up for the sad first stage of this movie is.

The movie also reminded me of Tom and Jerry and the new Smurf movies I like these movies but it needs to improve drastically to get to the Smurf level movies.

Now that they have created Sonic should they redo Mario in the same way? The 90’s version was bad.

The music soundtrack could have been better and a missed opportunity here.

A movie I would say is good for kids if the movie can hold their attention.


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