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Movie Reviews: Dark Waters (2019)


This movie is not for everyone!!. A true story that is still affecting people to this day. If you are not a fan of true stories please stay away from this review!!

I just started to watch this movie at random because I wanted to find something that was rubbish and delete it from my server and was I ever surprised at this hidden gem in my library.

Dark Waters has a very strong cast with the best Hulk Mark Ruffalo & all these people:

Anne Hathaway Tim Robbins Bill Pullman Victor Garber

The cast is what made this movie special as they really told the story well.

This movie is about a big chemical company that gets sued by a member of a small country town in America that is still going on till this day.

The fact that a common everyday household appliance can cause this cancer death, in reality, is sad. Teflon an element that we all use in our pots and pans to have it non stick is, in the end, sticking to us and causing major issues for humanity.

This movie is a really good drama that is as I said really good but really sad. Shocking in ways you would not believe and the fact the company did not care about humanity as a whole or animals as the cows of a farmer caused this issue in the beginning.

Also, the fact that the company’s own staff was not cared for causes deformities in babies and even effecting couples not being able to have kids such a sad true tale.

I wish the movie went on for longer it was 2 hours long but the time elapsed from year to year was kinda strange but you could see how tech or cars changed over the time it all started in 1998 and finished really after the company went for a massive settlement but stuck going it went actively until 2015 not so long ago.

I wonder if this was as active as back then in the middle of this Covid stuff the company would be dead in the water. Also, you can find this chemical in water and Carpet.

You have to watch this movie if you are into this kinda thing but if you scare easily then don’t watch this it’s not a horror flick but it’s a horror topic.

Not for younger kids but a great movie also for legal studies any law student should watch this.

10/10 A movie well deserved to be within any movie library.

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