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Movie Reviews: The Godfather Part I

I know I am years behind in watching this modern classic masterpiece.

The Godfather has been on my list of movies to watch for many many years now and I finally got around to watching it and although this is a classic film it in someway has and still is a really good piece of filmmaking and I can see how a lot of gangster/mobster movies have been based on The Godfather.

The cast of this movie is unbelievable and unbeatable and it’s amazing how young the cast was and how far they have come in the movie industry.

Marlon Brando is wow all I can say is he reminded me of Mike Tyson with his unique voice. His acting was different, not sure what to make of it but he did try to be level headed at times but having the head of a horse in someone’s bed is nuts but I guess it shows how far the Mafia was willing to go in this movie.

Al Pacino wow how young was he in this movie and he was good looking what the hell happened to him 🙂 lol

Al played the role extremely well and you know he can take over a scene and just make it his scene.

I remember they said this was a long movie and it was a long movie for its time but it’s average now as blockbusters are on average this length on movie watching.

James Caan wow again so young and what the hell happened 🙂 James is the same guy that also played the movie can remember he did via IMDB was Mickey Blue eyes I am sure through his list he has done some better stuff but a lot of this cast has been put into other gangster mobster movies it’s a typecast would it be a typecast you would want?

Now to the final mention of a top actor/actress in this movie Diane Keaton wow Diane is the only one from the list mentioned above that has aged gracefully and I have to say it took me a few double takes to recognize her. Diane was so young and still young.

Does anyone know if this was based on a true story?

As this movie is one of Cinema’s masterpieces I felt like I was watching the actors and not the characters playing roles but like star-spotting like ohh this person is in the movie etc…

Michael Pacino’s character wanted to go straight in this movie and he just inherited the family business and continued to go down the same path with a little more smarts.

I am so glad that these are a series of movies and the movie is a slow burn and has lots of room for growth.

I would not say this has lots of violence but it has adult themes 2 sex scenes kinda but yes not suitable for the younger audience.


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